31 July 2019

Don’t Count Out Bold Paint Colors for Your Home’s Exterior

Not everyone gravitates toward the neutral paint color swatches when it comes to a professional exterior painting project. Selecting a bold exterior paint color can show a ton of personality and really set your home apart from the rest. Every neighborhood could use some more bold paint color schemes––why not start with yours Are youRead the full article

23 July 2019

Neutral Paint Colors Are the Perfect Backdrop for a Dynamic Design

Selecting neutral colors for your walls allows you the freedom to grow with your space. Use warm or cool neutral paint colors in your space for a color scheme that is easy to design around. Neutrals palettes are on trend right now for those who want to embrace a minimal aesthetic or want their uniqueRead the full article

Why You Absolutely Need One Black Painted Wall

House painting follows certain trends just like the world of fashion does. Rosy pinks are in this year and swapped out the next for cool blues. The trick for color professionals is to take trendy colors and create a balanced aesthetic for a home that stands the test of time. One of the main waysRead the full article

Business Owners: Cracked Concrete is Not a Good Look

Concrete with cracks or breaks around your building’s exterior or even on the interior can be a major red flag for potential customers or employees. Investing in your property is good for business all around––not only does it remove those unsightly eyesores through concrete repair, but it also keeps everyone safe from tripping hazards. BusinessRead the full article

19 June 2019

Connect Your Home with a Cohesive Paint Color Story

Do you ever get house envy from someone’s space that just feels like the paint color was ever so thoughtful and put together in every single room? Your home can achieve that same effortless flow with a professional interior painting project. Think of your home as its own design scheme––every room should feel like itRead the full article

Sunroom Paint Makeovers: Brighten up Your Sunny Spot

There’s not a ton of wall real estate when it comes to selecting sunroom colors, so it’s important that every surface works extra hard to achieve your dream home sunroom. Neutral paint colors are a wise choice when considering painting your sunroom to keep things bright and airy while embracing the natural light and beautyRead the full article

08 May 2019

Paint Life Back into Your Home’s Exterior, Brick by Brick

Your home’s exterior is on display to everyone who drives by. When it comes to an exterior painting project, it’s very important that the execution looks incredible. Painting brick can be especially tricky given its porous nature and textured surface. Leave it to the professionals at CertaPro Painters of Portsmouth. Once your brick is painted,Read the full article

Prepping Your Patio for Party Time

It’s the season of fresh air, barbecues, and playing in the pool. Looking to spruce up your patio for an upcoming party? Here are three great ways to infuse your outdoor space with style and create an inviting place for guests to gather. Take the indoors out Does your patio or deck connect to yourRead the full article

27 February 2019

Two-Toned Walls are Double the Home Painting Trend You’ve Been Looking For

A two-toned painted room gives visual expression and contrast to an otherwise monochromatic look Painting the top and bottom of your walls two different colors adds double the color options Learn where to begin and things to consider when deciding to paint a two-toned room Sure, a home whose walls are all one color isRead the full article

5 Unexpected Colors That Look Great in Your Bathroom

Small or large bathrooms can benefit from these bathroom paint color suggestions. The perfect bathroom color scheme can relax or invigorate you. A professional paint project can make your windowless or tiny bathroom feel much more welcoming. Painting a bathroom is unlike any other interior painting project you’ll have done in your home. You notRead the full article